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June 7, 2010

Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Farm at ASU

The Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Farm at ASU is a student-run operation located in Valle Crucis, where a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are grown, and pigs and chickens are raised. Students participate in a variety of sustainable agriculture practises, including agroforestry, companion planting, ecological pest management, crop rotation and cover cropping.

June 3, 2010

Kingfisher Crafts

Kingfishercrafts is a  crafting studio operated by married couple Kathy Ford and Alistair Burke from Triplett, NC  who make one-of-a-kind Unique Beaded Jewelry, AnimalandIcons pendants  and assorted crafts (from painted gourds to vibrant Pixie Pouches.)

AND NEW this SEASON Farmers Market Photography – Prints, Postcards and Posters of vibrant Farm Fresh Vegetables, Flowers and Livestock.

Kathy is a self taught crafter as tenacious as they come, bringing 20+ years of beading and jewelry skills to the table. She is passionate  about supporting women and loves helping women feel good about themselves through ornamentation. Alistair a photographer and Graphic Artist by trade found the perfect marriage of his two loves food and photography shooting pictures of the Farmers Market and local farms.

June 3, 2010

The Appalachian Shed

John & Terrie Travers have combined their two loves, growing & creating, to form The Appalachian Shed.  A plot of mountain land carefully carved into a Homestead where they utilize organic, sustainable practices to grow a garden and a diversity of plant material for sale.  The couple maintain a small flock of heritage breed chickens, a vital component to sustainable practices, and often have eggs available.  Both believe that anyone can grow no matter the space, and they are always willing to take the time to teach, give tips, or simply relate.

In addition to the growing aspect, no Homestead is complete without an outlet for income.  Both are Folk Artist and have working studios on the farm.  John and Terrie both work in multiple mediums with John’s mainstay being wood, and Terrie’s current passion is fusible glass.  Most of their work is one-of-a-kind with all design work being original.

May 24, 2010

Buckskin Hollow and The Pasta Wench

Buckskin Hollow is a homestead we created out of a need and desire to live closer to the land and in direct connection with our food (i.e. life). We have been working toward creating a home that lives as efficiently as possible with the cycles of nature. We strive to use as little petroleum based energy as possible creating a space that can easily be managed through human and horse power. We get closer to our goals every year. We are not striving to be self sufficient so to speak but to be dependent primarily upon ourselves and the community around us.

We are currently selling Spring Veggies and Lettuces from the garden as well as products from our neighbor The Pasta Wench.

The Pasta Wench Pasta is made with 95% ingredients from NC organic growers. We know our farmers face to face and support local suppliers. This is the foundation of our business.

Pasta Wench is a small family owned company nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Boone NC and Swannanoa, NC.
We create all-natural Gourmet Pasta including Ravioli, Fettuccini,  Cavatelli, and Spaghetti, as well as homemade gourmet sauces to accompany them.
Our Pasta is mindfully created with simple, local, natural and organic ingredients. We allow the seasons and the sustainability of our ingredients to direct us in the preparation of our traditional pastas. With respect, caring and culinary craftsmanship, we develop flavor combinations designed to challenge your palette while providing you with the comfort-food warmth that only homemade pasta can provide.
May 19, 2010

Sweeter by the Season

Sarah and James of Sweeter by the Season.

Hello! I am Sarah Grenier, owner of Sweeter by the Season and am thrilled to say this is our first year at the High Country Farmers’ Market! We look foward to meeting its loyal customers and  want you to get to know us. So, here is a little about the company. We are a small, local business that specializes in all-natural, great-tasting, scratch-made baked goods. I love scrumptious sweets and want to offer a fresh, local alternative to ready-made treats and packaged mixes. Thus, I plan to utilize as many organic and local ingredients to offer creative baked goods to customers in Boone. Sweeter by the Season strives for sustainability; therefore, we only offer products in season. With that in mind, we promise it will be just as delicious as the seasons intended it to be!

 Signature Spring Items

Cookies: Honey, I am Home Cookies, Jammin’ Thumbprint Cookies, Goodness Gracious Granola Cookie

Breads (loaf, muffins, or mini-bundts): Blissful Banana Bread (Regular and Jamaican)

Brownies and bars: Luscious Lemon and Thyme, Courageous Cream cheese brownies (option: strawberry filling)

Cupcakes (Standard and Mini) and Cakes (8in Round only): So Fresh and So Strawberry, Masta Mascarpone, Kickin’ Keylime Cupcakes, Chai Cupcakes

Other: Blissful Banana Galette, So Easy a Caveman Can Make Them Baklava Cups, Party on Your Palette Peanut Butter Granola